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We officially have a podcast

Well, we did it. We bought the equipment, recorded, re-recorded, designed an intro, edited (it's rough, we know), and managed to launch the premier of our new podcast, Dear Student. Cat and I got tired of swapping stories of the same student issues, stories that always ended with "they need to know these things!" Well, this is our attempt to help college students across the country by filling their heads with advice for how to make the journey just a little easier on themselves.

This is not PG. It's not entirely R-rated either, but you'll hear some bad words. You might think we're funny; we certainly amuse ourselves. You might have some things to add, or questions to ask, or advice for episodes. Send all that to us.

You can keep up with the latest episodes via our SoundCloud page, which you'll find linked ALL over the place. In the meantime, welcome to Dear Student. We hope you enjoy.

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